.CO Domain Reached 2 Million Domain Names Under Management

“Innovation is about going where no one else will. It’s about creating opportunities that don’t exist, until you put in the work to bring them to life.” – These are some of the beliefs of the founders of .CO domain.

Though we’re not sure it’s what brought them success, it is a fact that .CO domain has reached a new high in number of registered domains under management.


Despite the hundreds of TLDs entering the market, .CO domain manages to reach an important milestone. The registry has surpassed 2 million domains under management, and also has recorded a substantial procentual growth on new registration of new domains.


.CO was launched on July 20, 2010 with 28,000 domains under management. The hit on the 2 million registrants represents a 7,000% growth since the launch. This growth becomes even more impressive when we consider that .CO domain started as the second best option for when a .COM domain was not available. Today, it’s reached a level where it becomes the first choice for more and more big brands and tech start-ups.


With new registration rate increasing from 10% in 2014 to 18% in 2015, .CO domain has quickly become the new TLD. They promote themselves as “more than just an ending for your URL”. They take an active role in helping their customers reach success with their brand new .CO domain by offering them access to the .CO Membership Program. Through this perks, they can benefit of free promotion, access to industry events and networking functions and also deals and offers throughout the community.


Though this business model, .CO domain has reached 2,000,000+ domain names from all over the world: 60% in North America, 16% in Europe, 15% Asia/Asia Pacific and the rest of 9% divided between South America, Africa and the Middle East.


They are hosting some of the most prominent and innovative brands and communities online: Google (g.co), Amazon (a.co), Twitter (t.co), Overstock (o.co), GoDaddy (x.co), Vine (vine.co), AngelList (angel.co), Tacobell (ta.co), TechCo (tech.co) and many, many others.


Not to neglect the hundred of thousands of startups and entrepreneurs that select the .CO domain for their business as well. Many of them selected .CO because they associated the domain with some of the newer, fresher, more modern companies that were up and coming and found that was brand consistent with them. Others were just looking for options to provide their customers with a memorable URL. In the process of that, they found incredible amount of support services and engagement with not only their organizations but with the community of .CO enthusiasts.


We are curios to see what the future will bring for .CO and we will definitely watch their evolution in the world of domain names.

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