Check The New Domain Names Bought During Holidays

If you thought during holidays the number of domain names purchased will decrease, you were wrong. Pending the last 2 weeks of 2015, Sedo gained $2 million of 648 domains.


Take a seat and see what were the domain names bought. – this domain name was registered by Sears’ Director of E-Commerce and sold for $ 15,000. Sears is an American network based on department stores that started as a mail order list company. was sold for $5,000 to Jackpot Gaming Ltd, a UK provider of business-to-business services, that also manages a series of gaming websites and business to customer online bingo. – Hadwins Capital Ltd, which is a financial markets based trading software company, bought this domain for $2,888. Moreover, the UK company is the same that benefits the domain name was acquired by Bit9 + Carbon Black for $3,295. Bit9 + Carbon Black, that became Carbon Black, is a security firm that allows organizations to diminish developed attacks, launch the best strategies and support the expertise of 10,000 qualified people to convert the balance of power to security teams.


anı – The holder of bought this domain name at $3,000. It now sends to that travel website. – Initially called, this domain name was acquired by Payworks GmbH for $5,000, which ensures, for point of sale company, a white label card reader solution. – Time Inc., publisher of Sports Illustrated, Food & Wine, Golf Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Life, People and many more, purchased it for the amount of $5,500. In addition, Time Inc manages the digital-only titles The Snug, MIMI and My Recipes. was purchased for $5,000 and for $6,000 by LEAP Legal Software, which designs software for law firms. – An individual called Danny Chong wished to change from to this domain for $2,395. – Purchased for $3,900, Bkam FZ-LLC gives a price compare app for Egypt. For $2,095 it was acquired by the holder of is now owned by the San Francisco company Fast & Fun, LLC for the amount of $25,000. – A company based on management training, the Institute for Management Studies is enjoying the latest acquisition for $2,595. – A liquor dispenser in the Northeast, Horizon Beverage named initially Brockton Wholesale Beverage, is the new owner of this domain for $2,499. – American Polarizers, provider of circular and linear polarizer, aircraft cabin windows, polarized sunglasses displays and 3-D glasses, contrast development display filters, purchased it for $ 2,822. – Workplace Options, Inc closed the deal for $2,495. It is a global provider of physical, emotional, and practical support services for the employees and their families. – For $2,795, DEC IMPIANTI S.p.A., a provider of industrial emission control systems, owns it. was bought for $2,500 by ENGIE group, which is a worldwide energy provider and a professional operator in the three business of natural gas, electricity and energy services. purchased for just $2,495 by Legal Click, LLC, provider of legal services. – Continental AG known as well as Continental purchased this domain for $2,888. It is a top German automotive producing company of tires, automotive safety and other automotive products. is now owned by ViewPoint, a global provider of creative construction software, at the price of $2,000. – Food Service Design Professionals from Texas, the new owner of this domain for the amount of $9,888, wants to concentrate on developing and extending what a food service design company should offer to their clients.

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