Baidu May Become A Dot-Brand gTLD This Year

Baidu’s History


Baidu, Inc. established in January, 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu, is a Chinese web services company with its headquarter in Beijing’s Haidian District. Both Robin Li and Eric Xu are Chinese nationals, but made their studies abroad, where they also worked.

Among Baidu’s 57 services, there is included audio files, images and a Chinese search engine for websites, Baidu Baike and a keyword-based debate forum. In March 2015, Baidu situated on 4th overall in the Alexa Internet rankings.

Being an IT company as well, it belongs to the “ BAT” leading corporations in China together with Alibaba and Tencent.


Baidu gets its dot-brand gTLD


The majority of us use Google, thus you are conscious of the impact that it has nowadays over the users. .BAIDU could become a dot-brand with impact in 2016 considering the focus on China at the present time in the domain industry.

Currently there are no active domain names in .baidu, but there is expected to happen in the near future.

Although uncommonly for a dot-brand gTLD, Baidu’s contract signed with ICANN does not have included among the specifications the 9 or 13 ones, that enables dot-brands to run in another way to common gTLDs.

This other way speaks about an open registration policy that will allow to any registrar to sell .baidu domains to any other registrant.


The original Baidu’s gTLD application specifies an entirely different outline, a plan concentrated mainly on trademark security and goes this way:

Initially, only a finite number of qualified registrants had access to second-level strings of .BAIDU and just for internal corporate business goals. In its strategy BAIDU has included to embrace this approach and preserved it for three years beginning with the release of the .BAIDU registry service. This technique is going to be frequently examined and updated when it’s necessary and adequate. Based on diverse internal and external elements, plus the market demand and consumer beliefs, BAIDU may take into account, only after the three years conclusion, a roll-out by stages procedure for a wider commercial marketplace.


It’s likely that this extension to not launch very soon in a proper way. Besides the low enthusiasm for putting in practice the new gTLD mission process, the company does not have either much interest in obtaining its dot-brand contractual defenses.

Last year, on January eight BAIDU had its contract signed with ICANN, which shows that January 2016 was the latest period when they were allowed to enter into the root.

With all these delays and low enthusiasm Baidu is the top web property in China, overtopping even Google regarding the search market weight locally.

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