6 Tips For Choosing A Good Domain Name

Expert or not, the operation of domain registration and selecting a domain name may be a difficult one for some. We want to help you design an attractive, unforgettable and efficient domain name with these 6 tips. Thus, finding the right domain name for your business website should not put you in trouble anymore.


1) Choosing a .com or a ccTLD?

You have a multitude of extensions available to choose from: .org, .net, .cc, .biz, etc. However, if you decide to create a website for international consumers, the best decision is a .com domain. The majority of Internet browsers select naturally this extension.


When your website is just for consumers placed in a specific area or country, you have as well the possibility to use ccTLDs as: .uk, .us, or .is. An important aspect to remember are the rules and statute to register these domains that may remarkably vary from the ordinary domain extensions.


2) Let the user know who are you and what you do

Your domain name should reflect your business name, what are you doing in your domain, as well as your website’s content. A clear example is Henri’s Car Wash from Reykjavik, Iceland , who could use a name as ‘reykjavikcarwash.com’ or ‘henriscarwash.com’. The first thing people will be looking for when searching this service, are the closest places from where they live, therefore confirm it more than once to the user during its visit on the website, even in the URL.


3) Give an easy name to remember

Remember your email and website address will be given frequently to people, especially on the phone, where they can be easily misunderstood or incorrectly spelled. In case your car wash business is located in Kirkjubaejarklaustur for instance, it is not a good decision to include it in the name of your website, even though is the real name of the city.


An alternative for this case could be to put your location in many places on your website. In this way, your business will be founded easier and there will no longer be misunderstandings related to the name. Keep in mind that an easy name to spell is an easy name to recognize.


4) Look for Expired Domain Names

Once you decided to create a website, verify daily for expired domain names. They are a good way to achieve free traffic for your website. Be awake, as soon as they become disposable, expired domains are hunted by resellers. The second you find the right domain name for your business, it will be waiting for you and your business a long way to grow in public showing.


5) Keep it short

Another way to make people remember your domain name is to make it short. Small names are both easier to write and spell, thus use your creativity and make it short and unique to remain in people’s minds. Long and complex names are a burden and difficult to remember when searching for your services.


6) Private or Public Registration

When wanting to apply for the services of the owners of domains, companies will also look for the owners themselves. A way to defend your privacy is to use the company name instead of your personal name or address, the information getting directly to your business address. Moreover, certain domain name registrars will maintain your information private, and the marketers away.

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