399.com Topped Sales List For The Last Two Weeks

399.com, sold for $821,818.88 , topped Domain Name Journal’s sales list of reported domain names for the last two weeks ending January 3,2016.

NameJet had a great week in the sales chart,taking 13 of the top 20 positions .Correspondingly,Key-Domains took only one of the top 20 positions .

.COM dominated once again the list,with 14 of the top 20 positions.

Here are the top 20 positions for the two weeks ending January 3,2016 :

1. 399.com     $821,818.88     Schwartz
2. LTD.com     $184,000     NameJet
3. USA.TV     $125,000     Donnied79
4. Rochester.com     $91,111     NameJet
5. NYS.com     $80,500     NameJet
6.tie     Macy.com     $75,000     NameJet
6.tie Pindrop.com     $75,000     Pvt Sale
8. KFZ.com     $72,950     Key-Domains
9. JNB.com     $67,111     NameJet
10. CML.com     $62,501     NameJet
11. RZ.net     $58,100     NameJet
12. AUD.com     $55,600     NameJet
13. PF.net     $51,720     NameJet
14.  RS.net     $50,600     NameJet
15. 10023.com     $50,000     Pvt Sale
16. ML.net     $48,533     NameJet
17. 金沙.com (IDN)     ¥300,000 = $45,780     MDM Group/4.cn
18. 3731.com     $45,200     NameJet
19. Ohio.org     $45,000     WebQuest
20. 3928.com     $44.090     NameJet

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