3 Ways to Enhance Your SEO Content Strategy in 2016

With more than 2million blog posts published today (source: Worldometers), it is clear that content alone isn’t going to help you get anywhere. Your brand and your business deserve a change. Here are 3 ways to enhance your seo content strategy, and move away from boring text. The result is of course, not just a diverse strategy, but also a diverse audience.

#1. User Realtime Heat Maps

Heat maps aren’t anything new, however real-time heat maps that identify your location sure seem like fun. Not only can the user identify himself in real time, but the accuracy is amazing, being able to spot even the street or the actual venue. One of the most interesting real time heating maps has got to be this one from PeoplePerHour, where freelancers can use the map to find themselves (talking about not feeling lost anymore in the world of freelancing). 

#2. Videographics

Videographics are never getting old. If you’re not fond of appearing on camera, but you feel like video marketing is lacking in your business, then probably the best solution is to create a videographic, using your own voice to guide the video and infographic-type of visuals to complement the product. Worthy examples of businesses using videographics: Australia Wide First Aid, The Economist and many more.

#3. Infographics and Visuals

Infographics have been around for the past couple of years. And at this stage, a blog/business without infographics can’t really stand out. This is the easiest way to earn good links and mentions, to diversify your content strategy and to make an impact. If your design skills don’t do you justice, then you can use Canva to obtain a basic infographic or you can hire a freelance designer to help you.

Remember to add custom social media images to your social media strategy, as well. The more visual, the better.

The End Results

Here’s what you get for enhancing your content strategy:

  • More targeted traffic (especially from mobile devices, for visual aspects and easiness to click)
  • More shares
  • More links to your website/page from authority websites
  • More conversions
  • Lower bounce rate
  • More connections & subscribers
  • Better search results because video & visuals get more visibility

How ready are you to upgrade? In the end, it’s not about reinventing the wheel: all you have to do is take the things that work really well and make them part of your new strategy.

image credit: MKH Marketing via Flickr

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