2015: The Year Of Cannabis Domain Names Launch

The website devoted to cannabis culture and business news, Ganjapreneur, released hundreds of Cannabis Domain Names during 2015.


According to the Founder and CEO of Ganjapreneur.com, Andrew Rosener, Ganjapreneur is devoted to support entrepreneurs with legal cannabis space improvement and develop their business.


An appreciated domain like this one strives for them to realize that by a strong brand and a fully visible online presence. Due to their antecedents in the domain space and awareness of the significance and meaning of an appreciated domain name for any entrepreneur, a domain market represented a further step that matches for Ganjapreneur.com. In their action plan, there are also scheduled a lot more business services to be released for their public.


Hundreds of brandable domain names and marijuana keyword, selected by type, category and price, are up for investment. Launched in alliance with Escrow.com, the main security service that makes domain name transactions secure and easy, the market is created as the main resource for start-ups and venture capital firms to step in the cannabis industry.


Released in the summer of 2014, Ganjapreneur is a joint venture of Inc., Media Options and THC Media Group, Inc., that has constantly increased. On the website you will find a live information about cannabis job management globally registrations, editorials, a wide corpus of unique news articles, interviews with business possessors, a mobile app, a dictionary of marijuana slang terms, and a business index for B2B service suppliers in the cannabis industry.


The latest inclusion to Ganjapreneur’s range of characteristics that led to investors and cannabis industry start-ups is the domain name market and comprises premium domain names like MyCannabis.com & Oregano.com with prices of $49,000, respective $89,999, as well as domain names registered with prices between $999 and $15,000. Among the disposable possibilities you have are the dot-com domains like MyWeed.com and MarijuanaButter.com, as well as top-level extensions like Cannabis.me and Grow.xyz.



cannabis domain names

cannabis domain names 2



Multiple interviews with great cannabis industry entrepreneurs (or “ganjapreneurs”), a founding partner in a cannabis-based investment firm, the founder of a Seattle-focused recruiting and crewing firm related to cannabis industry employers and job finders, the holder of the first relaxing cannabis day spa in Colorado, were published by Ganjapreneur. The website was also the first place that contained the first sales of eatable, especially in Washington state, and the only media market that catched the moment on video.


The launch of the domain market scores the site’s latest expansion of its services led to marijuana business possessors and investors. Noel Abbott, Ganjapreneur’s CTO, declared that this is one of the resources they designed to help ganjapreneurs begin or increase their business.


For more information you can read here: http://www.ganjapreneur.com/domains/.

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