1787.com Topped Sedo’s Weekly Sales List at $40,501

1787.com topped Sedo’s weekly sales list at $40,501. HIghlights also include wetterstation.de, leading the ccTLD category at 9,520 and treiber.net, leading the “Other” category at  5,000 EUR.

Other notable domain name sales include :


nze.com 26,000 USD
fzv.com 23,500 EUR
quants.com 12,500 USD
railenergy.com 10,500 USD
lequest.com 10,000 EUR
buyboxes.com 9,999 USD
kladionica.com 9,500 EUR
jojobaoil.com 8,000 USD
upscreen.com 8,000 USD
azyan.com 7,500 USD
outgo.com 7,000 USD
lotteryservice.com 7,000 USD
hangmytv.com 6,900 USD
moralfibers.com 6,900 USD
sprec.com 6,500 USD
riskstrategies.com 6,325 USD
dynamicsax.com 5,500 USD
tomonews.com 5,500 USD
g-cloud.com 5,500 USD
bepay.com 5,100 USD
indicapital.com 5,000 USD
euroflora.com 5,000 EUR
geekingout.com 5,000 USD
autobang.com 4,995 USD
securepass.com 4,939 USD
torrancememorial.com 4,600 USD


switch.us 6,000 USD
vinyl.tv 5,000 EUR
planeo.de 5,000 EUR
lady.tv 4,700 EUR
online.io 4,000 USD
bimi.de 4,000 EUR
elanco.co.uk 4,000 GBP
toss.me 4,000 USD
e.mp 3,999 USD
test.nu 3,500 EUR
way.de 3,400 EUR
x.gy 3,000 USD
joyapp.de 2,800 EUR
hr-software.de 2,600 EUR
afrikareizen.nl 2,500 EUR
caribbeancruises.co.uk 2,500 GBP
heilbronner-weindorf.de 2,500 EUR
jamondejabugo.es 2,500 EUR


hfb.net 3,450 USD
tlp.net 3,101 USD
housebook.org 2,350 EUR

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