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.CLUB Passes 430,000 Registrations

.club has recently passed the 430,000 mark a few days ago. At the time of writing this article, there are 430,355 .Club registrations. On November 14th, there were only 320,000 registrations. This means that in about two weeks, over 100,000 .club dom [...] Domain Name Sells for $536,000

The domain name was recently sold for a whopping $536,000,according to a post on The auction for closed a few days ago . The domain name changed hands for 3.42 million yuan ($536,000) and was the highest domain name sale. A [...]

.BE Hits 1.5 Million Domain Registrations

DNS.BE, the company behind .BE extension, has recently reached another milestone : 1,5 million .BE domain names. At the time of writing this article, there are 1,531,757 .be domain names registered. revealed continued growth in the .BE domain [...]

Preparing to release the new set of actions

Considering the consumers suggestions about the newest gTLD submissions, iCANN designed a new plan for the close future. All these planned events aim to grow the number of domain names through more possible, various and ready for changes perspectives [...]

Two Letter Domain Name Auctioned at NameJet

As whois registrations affirmed, was recorded fir the first time in 1993. It has been recently proposed in a public auction at NameJet. Being a unique and premium domain name the price will possibly exceed 1 million dollars.   You are inv [...] Wins Weekly Sales List at $125,000, sold for $125,000 , topped Domain Name Journal’s sales list of reported domain names for the week ending November 22,2015. Sedo had a great week in the sales chart,taking 1c of the top 20 positions .Correspondingly,Flippa took only one of th [...]

Assigning Two Domain Names to Yahoo

The and domain names have been recently assigned to Yahoo by a mediator and the National Arbitration Forum. Regarding these domain names the company forwarded on September 2015 the accusation.   YahooQuickL [...]

.Wang Passes 500,000 Registrations

.Wang just hit the 500,000 mark in registered domain names .According to, there are 593,797 .wang domain names at the time of writing this article, 365,289 (61.52%) .wang domain names were registered bz eName Technologz CO., Ltd , 136,9 [...]